Heal the Streets 2012: Creative, Youth-led Solutions to Violence

Who’s a better choice to intervene when it comes to youth violence: a trained professional or a family friend?

Our 2012 Heal the Streets Fellows put together this interactive video that invites you to explore how Oakland communities responded by experiencing their creative approach for yourself.

A People-powered Effort

Making this video taught the youth fellows a lot about leadership, collaboration, and the production process.  It also taught us a lot about what it takes to create safe, strong communities.  

In spite of the youth's hard work, the video almost didn’t happen – near the end of production, all of our video equipment was stolen.

But thanks to our committed partners and donors who stepped up in our moment of need, the equipment was replaced and Heal the Streets youth were able to finish their work.

Taking What We’ve Learned to the National Stage

Now, we’re building on the lessons we learned with Heal the Streets and our other campaigns as we transition into national work aimed at reversing the tradeoff that funds more prisons at the expense of education, jobs creation, and other vital services.

Just as Heal the Streets youth discovered, ending violence is not about more police or more prisons. It’s about investing in healthy, resilient youth and families who can create safe, strong communities where all people have the power to shape their future.

Share the Video

What do you think about the video?  Did you learn something new?  Did it remind you of experiences you've had?  Let us know in the comments below.  

And please share the video with your networks!  Not only does it affirm our youth fellows, it also invites others to think more creatively about community-based approaches to safety, and that's something that can benefit us all.