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Welcome to the blog of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights! This is where we share reflections from the movement to end mass incarceration and criminalization, analysis on criminal, economic, and racial justice issues, and updates on our work. Please read, share, and comment.

Special shout out to SomaR Bar for hosting Party for a Purpose on Wednesday and shout out to all the people who came out. The Soul of the City Campaign believes that...
The 2010 Oakland Mayoral Ranked Choice Voting election (a.k.a. Instant Runoff Election, hereafter RCV), demonstrated that RCV markedly improves both participation and plurality1. Best of all, it improves turnout by...
Assemblymember Mike Davis has introduced a bill that would require the state's Employment Development Department ("EDD") to provide a list of employers who are willing to hire people who have been previously incarcerated in a jail or prison.
From beginning to end, moving my money was way easier than I could've expected, and the satisfaction of having done it way greater than I imagined.
Today marks California's annual observance of Harvey Milk Day. We share some of his most famous words about the importance of hope in the resiliency and survival of LGBTQ folks, folks of color, and others impacted by oppression.  ...
A first person account of why it's time to end the failed drug war in California.
Feeling apprehensive about applying for financial aid and don't know anyone who can help with an application process? Meaghan Mitchell breaks down some of the exciting things about icanaffordcollege.com
Two books that allow young children to learn about the full spectrum of gender.
A celebration of the legacy of Malcolm X on his birthday.
Our guide to the CA ballot measures and Alameda County measures for the June 5th election.