While Politicians Posture, Families are Broken Apart

In the aftermath of an electoral defeat in which most immigrants voted Democratic, Republicans are again saying they're for "comprehensive" immigration reform. Earlier this week, three Republican Senators introduced the ACHIEVE Act, a watered down version of the DREAM Act. Like the DREAM Act, it would give people who came to the US in their youth a way to stay in the country legally. Unlike the DREAM Act, it does not provide a way for them to fully integrate into society as full citizens.
But some Republicans like John Cornyn from Texas say that they won't support anything except comprehensive immigration reform. 
And while these politicians are debating, families like Jose and Maria's are still being torn apart. Thousands of families won't be together these holidays unless immediate change is made. Join the call to ask President Obama to reunite families.
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus yesterday put forward 9 principles  for what comprehensive immigration reform would mean. Their second principle is:

Protects the unity and sanctity of the family, including the families of bi-national, same-sex couples, by reducing the family backlogs and keeping spouses, parents, and children together.

This is a great place to start, but it should also be clear about what's breaking up families: mandatory and arbitrary detention policies. These should be changed now families can be together this holiday season. Take a stand and ask President Obama to take action today.