Vote for Those Who Can't

The following are the pure + unbridled opinions of some of the Literary Arts students of Oakland School for the Arts, a public arts charter located in the Fox Theater. These students are on the staff of the OSA Telegraph, our online publication that seeks to serve, inform and entertain the OSA community, as well as communities beyond the school walls. The students are in grades 9-12, and in addition to being poets, fiction writers, playwrights, and spoken word artists, they all work together to write, edit and publish their journalistic works at
We've been talking a lot about the election, and though none of the students are old enough to vote, they ALL have strong opinions on why others should. Check out their wise words and then make sure you have a plan to vote tomorrow!
Do you care about your kids ? Do you care about heath care? Do you care about education? Well I do, too. America is at the fork in the road, and we have two choices: left or right. Democrat or Republican. Liberal or Conservative. The decision you make in a week will determine how your kids live their lives. {The} election will determine the amount of liberty you have in your life.
If you feel like the government doesn’t represent you, don’t sit on your ass and complain about it. Go do something! The least you can do is vote for candidates and propositions that you feel will benefit you and society as a whole.
This election is important to me because some of the propositions affect whether public education will lose a lot of money and it affects whether women are able to get abortions.
If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. Plain and simple. Be proactive, don’t sit around and blame others. You won’t get anywhere and people will stop listening before Thanksgiving.
It’s our responsibility as American citizens to vote for who we think is best able to lead our country. If people choose not to vote, it’s a waste of votes to a potential new or continuous leader to the country.
It’s important for everyone to vote, because it just shows that everyone’s opinion matters. Every President and Proposition makes a huge difference, and if you don’t want things to go a certain way, you have to make sure your voice is heard and you are doing something to make what you want happen, and voting is the big way our government allows our voices to be heard. 
I believe it is important for everyone to vote. Everyone deserves to be heard and everyone has a different opinion, therefore they should speak up on it. No one has the right to complain about the faults of this country if he or she did not vote. If you vote, at least you tried, and you spoke your beliefs. That is all you can do.

Kate Schatz is a teacher of creative writing and journalism at the Oakland School of the Arts.