Let's Run This

In 2010, I ran a half marathon with Team Ella Baker Center to raise money for grassroots social change work in the city of Oakland.  2010 was the inaugural year of the Oakland running festival, and it was a memorable race for me.  I loved how people in every neighborhood came out to cheer on the runners, there were different live bands every few miles, and the city had a beautiful energy.  I felt proud not only to run a half marathon in the city I called home, but also to help raise money for an organization that is in line with my values: focusing on the leadership of low-income folks and people of color and directly working to make this city a more just, sustainable, and vibrant place. 

Since running in 2010, I have gone on to run several other half-marathons and marathons, and I have also recently become a certified personal trainer.  I’m the last person I ever thought would become a marathon runner and a personal trainer.  As a kid, I was always the last person to finish the mile, slugging my body along and looking for any excuse to get out of PE.  Discovering running and cycling in my 20s has helped give me more energy and confidence, enjoy the outdoors, and lead a more balanced life.  As a trainer, I help people recognize the strength and power of their own bodies, no matter where they are at athletically. 

This year, I am offering 15-week half marathon training program for the 2013 Oakland running festival.  I am honored to partner with the Ella Baker Center, and to raise money for them through this program.  The training program is geared towards beginner runners who have a baseline of jogging for 20-30 minutes.  You can find out more information here

Running a half marathon is not for everyone, but it is one way to become more active, set a goal, challenge yourself, and achieve something quite monumental.  When we run in a group, we inspire one another, give each other energy boosts, build community and break isolation. 

Building community, empowering one another, and achieving monumental goals is also at the heart of the Ella Baker Center’s work.  I’m looking forward to further supporting all of the human rights work they do in the city of Oakland and beyond. Join me on this year's Team Ella Baker Center!

 andContact rachel.s.marcus@gmail.com to sign up and/or to ask questions.