Another Young Life lost to Stand Your Ground

Last week another tragedy struck in Florida due to the Stand Your Ground law. 17 year old Jordan Davis was shot and killed by a 45 year old businessman named Michael Dunn. His crime? Being part of a group of loud teenagers playing loud music at a gas station.

Now in custody, Dunn said he feared the carful of teens were gang members and that they had a gun. That is why he shot their car 8 or 9 times before fleeing the scene of the crime

No weapons of any kind were found in the teens' car or on any of their bodies. 

News of the incident is slowly making it onto mainstream outlets. 

On Global Grind, filmmaker and writer Michael Skolnik makes a beautiful plea:

We don't want the fear that some have of young black men to be a disease our country cannot cure.

We must fight everyday to build a more compassionate America. A more generous America. A more tolerant America. This is the make-up of our generation's DNA, the bloodline of our future. We know that this vision of a new America will not be accomplished quickly, so we must continue to make the beat bang.

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We believe that both this incident and the loss of Trayvon Martin earlier this year make a compelling case for the halt of Stand Your Ground laws which too easily lead to racial profiling. 

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Jordan during this time of mourning.