Ella Baker Center Launches Climate Action Toolkit

You've seen the headlines recently:

Whether you call it extreme weather or climate change, it’s here to stay. Is your city ready?

Oakland has taken a huge step in the right direction.  To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for extremes caused by climate change, we drafted and passed an internationally recognized Energy and Climate Action Plan.

Is your city ready to weather the storm? Does your city have a climate action plan?

You can check by Googling your city’s name and “climate action plan”.  You can also contact city staff to ask if your city has a plan already or if there is one in the works.

If your city does not have a plan yet, now is your opportunity to get your city ready.

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is pleased to introduce Oakland Climate Action Coalition: A Toolkit to Create Climate Action in Your Community. This is a resource for community members, organizations, and policymakers to create a Climate Action Plan for your city.

Make it happen in your city - Download our toolkit.