2011 Year in Review


Even as 2012 gets well underway, we remain profoundly moved by the work of the Ella Baker Center during our 15th anniversary year. 2011 was clearly a year where people-power was demonstrated across the globe- from Tahir Square to Oakland, CA. We are proud to share our 2011 Year in Review to celebrate just some of the accomplishments our community achieved together.

As the Arab Spring and American Fall showed, the power of people is mighty. Sometimes, there just needs to be someone to help create space for people’s strength and power.

And that is what I see as the gift and the mission of the Ella Baker Center --- to unlock the power of people as we build on the legacy of Miss Ella Jo Baker who, herself, was an incredible champion of the power of people.

Over our history, every time we have won a big victory, it’s been a moment where we able amplified the voices and skills of people and communities. From shutting down five of California’s abusive youth prisons to defeating Prop 6 and Prop 23 at the ballot, we are at our best when we recognize, as Miss Baker did, that you must “Give light and let the people find the way.”

In this Annual Report of 2011, our 15th year of people-powered change, we share some of our most recent successes and highlights. We hope you will find inspiration and affirmation for the work that we will continue to do, together, in 2012.