2010: A Ranked Choice Voting Success

The 2010 Oakland Mayoral Ranked Choice Voting election (a.k.a. Instant Runoff Election, hereafter RCV), demonstrated that RCV markedly improves both participation and plurality1. Best of all, it improves turnout by virtue of having a single decisive election with a fuller field of choices.

To better understand the process and benefits of RCV please enjoy this infographic that I produced special for you.

You can view a larger version of the infographic by clicking on the abover image or here.

Feel free to peruse “Ranked Choice Voting Empowers Oakland Voters: A Comparison with Top-Two Runoff", from which this information is derived.

1In elections, plurality denotes the single candidate or position which has garnered the greatest number of votes when shy of an absolute majority: 50%<

UPDATE: The language of the 'Total Votes Cast' section has been edited and the 2010 'Voter Turnout' numbers have been updated to reflect exclusively turnout for the Mayoral contest.