Occupy Oakland after the Raid

Early this morning, in the pre-dawn hours, Oakland Police Department -with reinforcements from several other police forces in the region- raided and dismantled the Occupy Oakland protests in front of Oakland City Hall and in Snow Park. Report of rubber bullets and tear gas being used are documented in local media. We headed down to document the scene and were able to get into the plaza to take photos. See an album of photos of the Occupy Oakland camp, post OPD, here. There will be a press conference calling for the release of the 200 arrested protestors at City Jail on 7th at Broadway starting at 11:30. If you can't make it- Call and demand that all charges be dropped. Also ask what happened to the 5 children in the camp: Mayor Jean Quan's Office: (510) 238-3141 Nancy E. O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney: (510) 272-6222 Oakland Police Dept: (510) 777-3333 Occupy Oakland is calling for folks to regroup and stand in solidarity at 4 pm at Oakland Public Library, 125 14th Street.