Community Solar- Count me in!

My sweetie works at a solar power company. Just one of many in the Bay Area. In fact, there are so many solar companies around the Bay that I often wonder why I don't actually see very many solar panels anywhere. Sure, it's awesome to see huge fields of solar in deserts and fields. But couldn't the Oakland public school across the street from my house also benefit from renewable energy?

Solar Mosaic Oakland is a partnership between The Ella Baker Center, Solar Mosaic, Rebuild the Dream, Green for All and other strategic partners including Sungevity and Solar for All. By joining forces, we'll be using a new model for funding solar (called crowdfunding) to put panels on community buildings in Oakland. The first site that will receive solar is the Asian Resource Center in Chinatown with more sites being announced every week. On top of that, Oakland Solar Mosaic will create a special program to train and then employ a team of local residents. This team will receive top-notch training and placement for jobs in sales and solar installation. Winning!

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about community solar as a long term investment in Oakland. It is really inspiring to think of seeing schools, youth centers and community organizations join the solar revolution. And that what will enable that is the community coming together. That combination is Oakland Solar Mosaic, and I for one, am in!

To get updates as the Oakland Solar Mosaic project takes off, sign up now. You can also be the first to have your solar purchase matched one for one by a generous celebrity donor by buying a tile.