Quit Being Silent, Let’s Silence the Violence

This post is part of our Silence the Violence series in commemoration of National Silence the Violence Day on July 24th, 2010.

It’s time to stop the violence, and quit being silent little boys and girls thrown into a violent world where love is hard to find sirens and gun shots are something that is heard in my neighborhood all the time. It’s not about I would if I could it’s about saving lives in the hood because you should. I know some of you all have tried maybe once or twice to try and change this system which has become a way of life. Governor Schwarzenegger while you are undecided or being misguided on our youth. I say to each and everyone of you it’s time to take a stand for every lost soul. It’s about standing up and being bold and letting the stories be told. It’s about us taking control and reaching out to all those lost souls. I ask you today how many more lives will it take and I ask you what is our children our future our love ones fate. Boooom pppooopp “AHHHH” My god there goes another one was it in Iraq. No it is our children our future our love ones being attacked. And in the mean wile our government is concerned about budgeting the bucks. I say they need to step their game up. it’s not about race the problem is right here in our face. It’s about politics don’t you get it. By a show of hands who ready to take a stand. It’s time for the killing and the abuse to end and let the healing begin