Ella Baker Center Encouraged by Governor Newsom’s 2020 Budget Proposal


January 10, 2020


Terence Long, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, terence@ellabakercenter.org, 510-936-0344

Ella Baker Center Encouraged by Governor Newsom’s 2020 Budget Proposal

Oakland, CA–California Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget proposal for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year largely focuses on providing more resources to address homelessness across the state. It also addresses significant criminal justice reform, including plans to close a state prison, extended visitation inside some prisons, reducing criminal fines and fees for low-income Californians, and investing in the defense of the indigent.

Ella Baker Center Executive Director Zachary Norris issued the following statement:

“We are encouraged to see the Governor’s commitment to close a state prison within the next five years and continued focus on reducing the prison population. This is a good step toward addressing the disparities within the criminal justice system. We look forward to working with the administration to build upon the work that is being done and helping to build safer, more just communities.”

Ella Baker Center Policy Manager Emily Harris issued the following statement:

“We commend the Governor for expanding visitation inside some prisons. When family members are able to stay connected to incarcerated loved ones, positive outcomes increase and recidivism is reduced. Cutting costs for phone calls, food and personal items inside California jails can take these efforts a step further and make an even greater impact for incarcerated people and their families.”