2012 Voter Guide

We're pleased to launch our November 2012 Voter Guide with our positions on all of the ballot initiatives facing California voters. Download one to print and take to the polls. And use the sharing tools above to share widely!

You can now register to vote online. Click here to register:

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Vote Yes Passing Prop 30 will prevent more cuts to our schools and critical services. Prop 30 will temporarily increase personal income taxes on the highest earners and set the sales tax at a rate lower than 2011. Prop 30 will generate billions in sorely needed funding for vital state programs and services including roads, hospitals, schools, and fire safety.
Vote No This initative is costly and would give unbalanced power to the Governor. We believe it would only hurt the California budget further.
Vote No Prop 32 is plain and simple an attack on California workers. It would take power away from teachers, firefighters, nurses, and everyday people but do nothing to limit corporate influence on our elections.
Vote No Prop 33, championed by a large insurance company, would make profit for insurance companies by preying on poor and un-insured Californians.
Vote Yes We are opposed to the death penalty. Prop 34 gives California the chance to end this inhumane practice.
Vote No We are opposed to human trafficking and sexual violence in all of its forms. Prop 35, however, is not the answer because its wording is vague and it relies heavily on an already broken justice system.
Vote Yes Prop 36 makes long overdue reforms to Three Strikes. Prop 36 is good for public safety and will help our prisons become less overcrowded with low-risk offenders. This reform could save California up to $100 million annually.
Vote Yes We believe all of us deserve to know what is in the foods we eat.
Vote No We all want more funding for our schools, but taxing the poorest Californians is not the answer. Only one new income tax ballot measures can become law this year and we believe Prop 30 is a better plan than Prop 38.
Vote Yes We strongly believe that corporations must pay their fair share of taxes, especially in our hurting economy.
Vote Yes We believe the Citizens Redistricting Commission process was fair and should be upheld.

Key Election Dates

  • Last Day to Register to Vote: October 22nd
  • Last Day to Request a Mail-In Ballot: October 30th
  • Election Day: November 6th

For more details about voting, to register to vote, or to request your mail-in ballot, visit California Secretary of State website.