In California


Our statewide work promotes smart solutions in communities, the Capitol, and at the ballot box. We make sure that communities of color and low-income communities have strong political power throughout the state. 

We analyze the challenges facing California's communities, develop innovative strategies, and guide action with a focus on tangible results.  For example:

  • California's youth and adult prisons drain much-needed resources from schools and vital community programs. A key focus of our statewide work is to champion alternatives to California’s costly, broken prison system
  • We run state-wide coalitions and campaigns that promote solutions to pollution and climate change that create a new California where every person and community will experience prosperity.
  • Through voter mobilization and political education, we ensure that people of color across California are a part of the State's political process.  


A look at Gov. Brown’s State of the State address.
A comparison of Props 30 and 38 for the CA ballot.
  Oakland Rising Field Team This November 6th, I feel a sense of urgency in organizing around the elections.
As we head into National Juvenile Justice Awareness month, it’s wonderful to celebrate the many bills that Books Not Bars supported which were recently signed into law.
Last night, Governor Brown signed into law two bills which will authorize hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in California's most disadvantaged and polluted communities
Our position on the Propositions for California's November 2012 ballot.
Governor Brown has a chance to make a real difference for California. Tell him to sign SB 535 and its partner bill AB 1532.
In the wake of a huge fire at the Chevron Richmond Refinery, it is time to act for accountability and move towards a healthier, greener economy.
We are thrilled to introduce Oakland Climate Action Coalition: A Toolkit to Create Climate Action in Your Community. This is a resource for community members, organizations, and policymakers to create a Climate Action Plan for your city.
As the summer's extreme heat continues to make headlines, Tia looks at its too often deadly impact on poor communities and people of color.