Green-Collar Jobs Campaign

Put People and the Planet Before Profit.

The Green Collar Jobs Campaign builds a thriving, green economy that puts the planet and people before profits.

We promote solutions to pollution and climate change where every community will experience prosperity.

  • We fight for policies in Sacramento that restore the planet and create opportunity and prosperity for all.
  • We convene bold, cross-sector coalitions to promote public health, good jobs, and the well-being of the environment. 
  • Through leadership development and voter mobilization, we build the power of people to shape an equitable and thriving green economy.  

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We just fully funded St. Vincent de Paul's solar project, or "rooftop solar power plant" as our team has begun thinking of them.
There's some weird fashion in the Bay. Wearing shorts with uggs is weird. Wearing shorts with scarfs is weird. Wearing socks with sandals is weird. 
Say it..... f.r.a.c.k.i.n.g. Doesn't it just sound dirty - and not in a good way? Why does it sound dirty? Because it is. Ready for fracking 101?
Let's say you own a company. What would you do to increase your stock value and get a positive return for your shareholders? I'm guessing the answer that California business school researchers found in a new study is not what you had in mind.
On January 5, 2012, Governor Brown submitted his proposed Budget for 2012-2013 to the State Legislature.  In his proposal, Brown addresses the need to invest in creating jobs and delivering public health, economic, and environmental benefits.
As the new Organizer for the Green-Collar Jobs Campaign, I feel privileged to have had a first week that grounded me in my work here.
Violence, poverty, health, and climate-change are just a few of the complex issues we face today. They are intertwined, persistent, and to me personally, a bit overwhelming. The best solutions are the ones that take into account these complexities.
New solar panels are being installed in Oakland’s Chinatown financed by a groundbreaking stream of community funding. Launched as a pilot program, Oakland Solar Mosaic is a collaboration between solar finance company Solar Mosaic and Oakland’s Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.
My sweetie works at a solar power company. Just one of many in the Bay Area. In fact, there are so many solar companies around the Bay that I often wonder why I don't actually see very many solar panels anywhere.
2/3 of Californians approve of the State's gashouse emissions reduction law. Learn more.