Green-Collar Jobs Campaign

Put People and the Planet Before Profit.

The Green Collar Jobs Campaign builds a thriving, green economy that puts the planet and people before profits.

We promote solutions to pollution and climate change where every community will experience prosperity.

  • We fight for policies in Sacramento that restore the planet and create opportunity and prosperity for all.
  • We convene bold, cross-sector coalitions to promote public health, good jobs, and the well-being of the environment. 
  • Through leadership development and voter mobilization, we build the power of people to shape an equitable and thriving green economy.  

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Last night, Governor Brown signed into law two bills which will authorize hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in California's most disadvantaged and polluted communities
Governor Brown has a chance to make a real difference for California. Tell him to sign SB 535 and its partner bill AB 1532.
In the wake of a huge fire at the Chevron Richmond Refinery, it is time to act for accountability and move towards a healthier, greener economy.
We are thrilled to introduce Oakland Climate Action Coalition: A Toolkit to Create Climate Action in Your Community. This is a resource for community members, organizations, and policymakers to create a Climate Action Plan for your city.
As the summer's extreme heat continues to make headlines, Tia looks at its too often deadly impact on poor communities and people of color.
One simple solution to prevent school closures that would save money and be good for the planet.
The Chevron Refinery in Richmond has been eating off of California's plate since 1905.  Chevron is dining for free and has been throwing their dirty dishes onto Richmond's doorsteps in the form of asthma and cancer for over 100 years. 
  As a renter in Oakland, it’s hard enough to ask my landlord to fix a leaky faucet. I can’t even imagine his reaction if I tried to convince him to install solar panels on our apartment complex’s roof. And I’m not alone in this problem. At least 75% of households cannot participate in rooftop solar because:
A state law known as cap and trade says that polluters will have to pay for the right to pollute. We say that money MUST help our most disadvantaged communities.