Violence and Anti-Violence

The High Costs of Outsourcing Police

East Bay Express
by Darwin Bond Graham and Ali Winston
Aug 07, 2012


The East Bay Express talks with the Ella Baker Center's Rhina Ramos about the alarming number of Oakland Cops who live outside the city of Oakland and the effect it has on community and residents.

Hoodies: Why parents of teens of color have the 'survival' talk

by Angela Hill
Apr 02, 2012


Our very own Shemika Skipworth, Director of Finance and Operations, talks with Angela Hill of the Bay Area News Group about the the difficult conversations she's had to with her son on what it means to be young and black in America. The article breaks down the continued challenges of stereotyping and misperception. 

The Interrupters Screens at Oakland Museum Tonight

by Rachel Swan
Feb 09, 2012


The Ella Baker Center teamed up with KQED and Independent Television Service to host tonight's screening, which will include a panel discussion with Ceasefire members, Youth ALIVE!, California Youth Outreach, and Ella Baker Center representative Abel Habtergeorgis.

Solutions to violence: Part 1

by Jakada Imani
Jun 15, 2011


It’s been a violent year in Oakland so far – both homicides and shootings are up about a third over last year’s numbers. And, throughout the year, various editorials have called for different solutions to the uptick in violence.

Treating violence as a public health emergency

by Holly Kernan
Feb 02, 2011


"I believe very strongly that this issue isn't taken as seriously as it needs to be and I think that's not hyperbole. If there was this level of violence and loss of young, white men, we would certainly know that we had a national epidemic."

Oakland violence spurs teens to independent research, discoveries

by Sean Maher
Jul 18, 2010


The Heal the Streets fellowship demanded the students decide for themselves what issues to tackle and how to tackle them.

BART case: As Oakland awaits Mehserle verdict, a push for peace

by Daniel B. Wood
Jul 02, 2010


Oakland community groups are educating young people about the justice system and the ill effects of rioting in the lead-up to a verdict in the trial of a white former transit police officer accused of murdering a black passenger.

In California, Protests After Man Dies at Hands of Transit Police

Jan 08, 2010


Protesters angry over a deadly shooting of a young unarmed black man on New Year’s Day stampeded through city streets on Wednesday night...

In 2009: A United Oakland is a Safer Oakland

by Nicole Lee
Jan 02, 2009


Silence The Violence director Nicole Lee explains the epidemic of violence in Oakland in 2008 and the continued disproportionate affects of crime on the same people year after year.

What Are You Doing to Silence the Violence?

by Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar
Dec 10, 2008


Nicole Lee is interviewed by Oakbook Magazine regarding the groundbreaking work of the Silence The Violence Campaign.


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