Heal the Streets and Youth Empowerment

Solution Cannot be Found In an Ineffective City-Wide Youth Curfew

Oct 03, 2011


Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights has authored a letter urging Oakland City Council to reject the proposed youth curfew.  The curfew was introduced by  Oakland City Council members in response to the rates of violence in Oakland.

The Next Generation: A series of vignettes about youth activism across the country

The tension between police and Oakland youth is palpable on the streets, says Crystallee Crain, founder of Heal the Streets, a violence prevention and youth leadership development program at the center: "They feel it at school, as consumers in stores; they feel it while they're driving down the streets."

Oakland violence spurs teens to independent research, discoveries

by Sean Maher
Jul 18, 2010


The Heal the Streets fellowship demanded the students decide for themselves what issues to tackle and how to tackle them.

Turning Young People Into Leaders

by Nina Jacinto
Sep 04, 2009


From specific campaigns to organization wide insights, learn about what the Ella Baker Center has been working on from various staff members.

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