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Bill to close youth prisons passes committee

Apr 25, 2007


A bill that calls for closing down the state’s youth prisons, including Stockton’s N.A. Chaderjian Youth Correctional Facility, has passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee in a first big hurdle.

For youth inmates, family visits key in rehabilitation

by Scott Smith
Apr 09, 2007


The recent legislation being introduced by state Rep. Curren Price, D-Inglewood, would ensure that families would have access to their incarcerated children, reducing recidivism rates. Families attest to this inexpensive and proven measure to bolster public safety and would eliminate the bureaucratic barriers to visits and contact.

Curren Price and Books Not Bars Family Connection Press Conference

by Paige Ketz
Apr 07, 2007


Books Not Bars and State Rep. Curren Price (D-Inglewood) officially introduce the Family Connection Bill, legislation that will help keep families of incarcerated youth intact, reduce recidivism and reduce depression and suicide among youth prisoners.<br>
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New Juvenile Justice Plan Focuses on Family Communication

by Margie Shafer
Mar 29, 2007


A proposal to reform California’s embattled juvenile justice system by encouraging communication is gaining steam.<br>
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Lawmaker Calls for Youth Prison Shutdown

by Marcey Brightwell
Mar 15, 2007


A California lawmaker wants to shutdown California's troubled juvenile detention facilities, instead sending young offenders back to their home counties for education and treatment. Assem. Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, introduced legislation this week that would essentially close California's Division of Juvenile Justice.

Proposal To Eliminate Calif. Juvy Prison System

Mar 12, 2007


(BCN) Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-San Jose, has recently introduced a bill that aims to eliminate the California Division of Juvenile Justice entirely.

Lieber: Dismantle state's youth prisons

San Jose Mecury News
Mar 12, 2007


Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, announced Wednesday she has proposed legislation that would dismantle the Department of Juvenile Justice -- closing all youth prisons in the state -- and turn over responsibility for juvenile offenders to local counties.

Bill Aims to Put Youth Prisons Under County, Not State Care

KCBS San Jose
Mar 12, 2007


San Jose Assemblywoman Sally Lieber is introducing a bill that would change the structure of the youth prison system. She is proposing to take juvenile offenders from state facilities and put them into smaller, community-based facilities run by counties.

Guards Fighting Discipline in Suicide

Associated Press
by Don Thompson
Sep 02, 2006


Inmate isolated for two months

Three employees at a youth prison in Stockton are fighting suspensions imposed after the suicide last year of an 18-year-old ward who was isolated in his room for two months, the corrections department said in responding to a public records request from The Associated Press.

Schwarzenegger: The Action Governor, Missing in Action

Mother Jones
by Ben Wyskida
Jun 28, 2006


Arnold Schwarzenegger calls himself the "Action Governor" when it comes to reforming juvenile justice. So what has he done since taking office? Next to nothing.


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