Books Not Bars


by Joaquin DiazDeLeon
Aug 09, 2011


Joaquin DiazDeLeon says what happened to him in the youth prison system shouldn't happen to anyone.

Region: Plans to move juvenile inmates criticized

by Amanda Warner
Jul 15, 2011


Sumayyah Waheed, director of Books Not Bars, said her group is trying to end the state youth correctional program because it believes it is better to allow juvenile offenders to remain in their own counties.

Oakland group decries 24-hr youth prison lockups

by Josh Richman
Jun 13, 2011


An Oakland-based human rights nonprofit is waging an online drive urging California’s Division of Juvenile Justice to immediately stop extensive isolation of youth prisoners.

Juvenile inmates often isolated nearly 24 hours straight

by Ryan Gabrielson
Jun 13, 2011


Juvenile inmates at California correctional facilities have been held in isolation nearly 24 hours straight on hundreds of occasions this year, in violation of state regulations.

Young Prisoners Faced 24-Hour Confinement, Classes in Closets

by Trey Bundy
Jun 06, 2011


“Our young people can’t afford one more day in these abusive conditions,” said Sumayyah Waheed of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, an Oakland nonprofit that has argued for the closure of DJJ for several years.

During "State of Emergency" for Education in California, Oakland Unified Endures Cuts

by Barbara Grady
May 13, 2011


California spends $216,000 on each youth it incarcerates, but only about $6,000 on each child it educates.

Calif. parents press tax hikes to fund schools

May 11, 2011


Parent groups joined California teachers Tuesday on the front lines of a weeklong series of rallies against the possibility of deep budget cuts to education, demanding that state lawmakers raise revenue to adequately fund public schools.


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