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Ella Baker Has a New Boss; Meet Problem-Solver Zach Norris

by Katy McCarthy
Oct 03, 2013


Learn more about the life and motivation of Ella Baker Center's Executive Director Zachary Norris. This is an 

Across the Country, Neighborhoods Gather, Celebrate National Night Out

by Katy McCarthy
Aug 08, 2013


In cities across the country, millions of people held street parties for National Night Out. Ella Baker Center Executive Director Zachary Norris explains how this is an opportunity for neighbors to have a more nuanced conversation about public safety.

Today on Your Call: How should neighbors look out for each other?

by Rose Aguilar
Aug 06, 2013


Ella Baker Center Executive Director Zachary Norris joins Rose Aguilar on KALW's Your Call radio call in show to discuss how we can create true safety in our communities. After George Zimmerman, it's become more apparent than ever that we need to see our neighbors, not watch them. Zachary and the other panelists Akil Truso and Todd David answer questions such as "How effective are neighborhood watch programs?" and "What is the right role for law enforcement to play in community building?"

Listen to the full show on


Too young for solitary

by LA Times Editorial Board
May 12, 2013


The LA Times Editorial Board reiterates its support for ending solitary confinement for young people and calls for the California legislature to pass SB 61 to regulate and document solitary confinement for youth in California.

Making Connections event addresses ways to improve life in black communities

by Theresa Adams
Feb 27, 2013


In celebration of Black History Month, Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson and other community leaders hosted the 2nd Annual African American Organizations Making Connections “Strategies and Outcomes for Our Black Community” event on Saturday.

New Report Reaffirms Crisis in Juvenile Justice System, Devastating Impacts on Families & Proposed Solutions

Sep 11, 2012


Justice for Families and the DataCenter will release a new research report, Families Unlocking Futures: Solutions to the Crisis in Juvenile Justice.

Change to juvenile prison time could save state millions

by Rina Palta
Jun 27, 2012


With the passage of Wednesday budget, the state stands to save hundreds of millions of dollars — and save juveniles in the state's youth correctional system years of  incarceration. The Ella Baker Center has worked tirelessly for the past few years to bring an end to this harmful practice. KPCC's Rina Palta talks with Sumayyah Waheed of the Ella Baker Center about this important victory. 

Controversial Youth Prison Practice to End

Jun 26, 2012


Dangerous Time Adds Provision No Longer Allowed in California Youth Prisons, Impacting 1,000 Youth

A solitary confinement solution

by Editorial
Apr 23, 2012


This Los Angeles Times editorial shows strong support for our bill (SB 1363) that would limit the use of solitary confinement in California's youth prisons.

California Youth Prison Agrees to Improve Inmate Living Conditions Following Online Campaign

Mar 13, 2012


More than 10,000 people signed an online petition demanding CA Division of Juvenile Justice improve unsanitary conditions at Ventura youth prison.

Over 10,000 people joined a popular campaign on in partnership with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, demanding improved living conditions at a California youth prison.


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