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Parents, Teachers Push Tax Hikes To Fund Public Schools

May 11, 2011


Parents are joining teachers in their week-long series of protests, demanding that state lawmakers make sure public schools are adequately funded.

Families rally in Sacramento May 10th: Books not Bars

by Peggy Reskin
May 10, 2011


Families from Berkeley, Oakland and all of the Bay Area have met the groundswell to reach Governor Jerry Brown with a demand that we need close prisons for youth offenders, releasing $102,000 per prisoner and prioritize with our state money education, to bring about the best future for California.

AM Alert: Teachers' panel in the hot seat

by Torey Van Oot
May 10, 2011


Comparing cost of education and incarceration will be the focus of a 9:30 a.m. presser with parents from "Books Not Bars" and other organizations on the South Steps of the Capitol. Keep an eye on Capitol Alert and our Twitter feed for updates on the ongoing demonstrations, including whether any of the protesters land behind bars themselves.

Oakland's Energy and Climate Action Plan can still be realized even with city deficits

by Barbara Grady
Apr 27, 2011


"Now the real question is how will the plan be implemented," said Emily Kirsch of the Ella Baker Center, the lead facilitator of the Oakland Climate Action Coalition of numerous community groups who contributed to the plan.

The future of juvenile justice

by Rina Palta
Apr 25, 2011


Owen Li of the Ella Baker Center’s Books Not Bars, "Youth prison has become a stepping stone for adult prison. We should not throw away youth."

In Oakland, A Creative Strategy for Financing the City's Solar Roofs

by Maria Gallucci
Apr 22, 2011


Using a new "crowdfunding" program called Solar Mosaic, the city is selling solar tiles to locals for $100 a pop and installing them on public buildings.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights makes film, wins award

by Kristin J. Bender
Apr 19, 2011


A film made by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights highlighting the injustices and solutions to California's youth prison problem has won a 2010 Prevention for a Safer Society award.

Most California voters say possessing small amount of illegal drugs should be misdemeanor, not felony

by John Hoeffel
Apr 11, 2011


A strong majority of California voters believe the penalty for possession of a small amount of an illegal drug for personal use should be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor...

Voters Say Less Jail Time For Heroin and Cocaine Users, Poll Shows Source: The Bay Citizen

by Trey Bundy
Apr 11, 2011


A majority of California voters favor lower penalties for smalltime drug users and many would support political candidates in favor of such reform, according to a statewide poll released Monday.

California Corrections "Realignment" Not Nearly Enough

by Phillip Smith
Apr 06, 2011


On Monday, Gov. Brown signed Assembly Bill 109, the law shifting responsibility for many low-level offenders to the counties. The law is designed to stop the "revolving door" of low-level offenders cycling and recycling through the prison system, Brown said in a signing statement.


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