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[Spanish] El cambio climático no es el blanco

by Ricardo Ibarra
Aug 14, 2011


"El problema es que cuando se habla de medio ambiente, los anglosajones piensan en los árboles de Lake Tahoe, pero comunidades como las de afroamericanos o latinos, ven esto en su entorno inmediato, en sus vecindarios", dijo durante la conferencia, Jakada Iman, director del Centro por los Derechos Humanos Ella Baker.

Oakland's "Throw Down for the Town" Set For Saturday

by Scott Lettieri
Aug 11, 2011


Hundreds of volunteers will work this week on 25 service projects in Oakland.

Oakland Residents Throw Down for the Town

by Cassie Harwood
Aug 10, 2011


If you sense an exceptional air of benevolence on the streets of Oakland on Saturday, August 13, don't chalk it up to a kindhearted coincidence. It could be due in part to the Soul of the City's Throw Down for the Town Oakland Service Festival.

First 'Throw Down for the Town' service festival is Saturday in Oakland

by Kristin J. Bender
Aug 10, 2011


More than 200 people are slated to come out Saturday to work on about two dozen service projects in Oakland, organizers from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights said.

Volunteers gather this weekend to clean up Oakland

by Ryan Phillips
Aug 09, 2011


All over town on Saturday, volunteers will head out to community gardens, dog parks, senior centers and schools to spend the day trying to improve Oakland.

The Pacifica Evening News

by Mark Mericle and cohosts
Aug 09, 2011


"California is a prison hungry state and we've been feeding that hunger too long."

Report: Prison population reductions insufficient

by Marisa Lagos
Aug 06, 2011


Kris Lev-Twombly, of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, said the "solution to overcrowding will never be sending prisoners involuntarily out of state or building new prisons."

Region: Plans to move juvenile inmates criticized

by Amanda Warner
Jul 15, 2011


Sumayyah Waheed, director of Books Not Bars, said her group is trying to end the state youth correctional program because it believes it is better to allow juvenile offenders to remain in their own counties.

Oakland group decries 24-hr youth prison lockups

by Josh Richman
Jun 13, 2011


An Oakland-based human rights nonprofit is waging an online drive urging California’s Division of Juvenile Justice to immediately stop extensive isolation of youth prisoners.

Juvenile inmates often isolated nearly 24 hours straight

by Ryan Gabrielson
Jun 13, 2011


Juvenile inmates at California correctional facilities have been held in isolation nearly 24 hours straight on hundreds of occasions this year, in violation of state regulations.


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