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California nears 'First to Close Youth Prisons' title

by Deborah Dupre
Jan 07, 2012


Families, youth, human rights groups hail Gov. Brown's aim to close youth prisons for brighter future with safer communities and more peaceful families.

Gov. Jerry Brown calls for a historic shuttering of the state's notorious youth prison system

by Karen de Sá
Jan 06, 2012


[Families for Books Not Bars member], Marie Sanchez said the state prison experience has battered her son. In visits, he has limped, sported a black eye and showed her bruises on his ribs, she said.

Opinion: Comparing the Occupy and civil rights movements

by Tionna Jenkins
Dec 16, 2011


Amidst all the rhetoric surrounding the Occupy movement, the spirit of perseverance shared by many people, uniting around a goal of making change happen, persists.

Alameda County realignment plan 'ambitious' but moving in the right direction

by Angela Woodall
Dec 11, 2011


"This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of the many services and organizations in Alameda County," said Sumayyah Waheed, of the Ella Baker Center.

Jakada Imani on the Ella Baker Center, his port commission bid, and fighting for Oakland

by Amna Hassan
Dec 10, 2011


“He is an incredible bridge-builder,” Esperanza Tervalon-Daumont, the Executive Director of Oakland Rising, an organization that works on social justice issues, with which Imani was also involved.

SFPD's Ugly History with Pepper Spray

by Beth Winegarner
Nov 30, 2011


"You're quicker to use things like that because you're told that this is not lethal, when in all actuality, your haste in using them can prove to be deadly," Habtegeorgis said. "If police are going to have these weapons that can be deadly, they should use the same precaution they would use for a gun."

Social Justice Groups Engage Occupy Movement

by Ambika Kandasamy
Nov 10, 2011


"Movements are bigger than organizations, and they are bigger than individuals,” said Jakada Imani."

Leadership in Sustainability Awards Dinner puts spotlight on ‘eco equity’

by Jan Kahdeman
Nov 09, 2011


On Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Mary Agatha Furth Center in Windsor, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights executive director Jakada Imani stood at the intersection of social equity for youth and green job opportunities.

1st-of-Its-Kind Community Solar Project

by Zachary Shahan
Nov 04, 2011


Community solar programs and projects of various sorts are hugely loved here on CleanTechnica, but a new community solar program in California is a little bit different than anything I’ve seen before (and it might be completely unique).

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? And How We Can Get It Back

by Dennis Harvey
Oct 20, 2011


Though myriad aspects of its story have already been probed in greater depth elsewhere, Frances Causey and Donald Goldmacher's "Heist" is well timed as a one-stop summary of reasons for ordinary Americans to be furious at our financial systems.


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