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Oakland mayor's low profile obscures achievements

by Lee Romney
Jan 02, 2011


Ron Dellums is credited with improving public safety, promoting green jobs and securing $200 million in stimulus funds. But his media problems and ambivalence about public life left him derided by many as a do-nothing.

Oakland's Mayor-elect Jean Quan rolls up her sleeves, prepares for new position

by Jennifer Inez Ward
Dec 20, 2010


Now that the glow from her mayoral election win has faded, Jean Quan is getting down to business. And that means tackling Oakland's biggest problem - its finances.

Oakland plans to become an environmental leader

by Dara Kerr
Dec 14, 2010


One of the City of Oakland's goals is to become a model green city, according to its sustainability program. For the past year and a half, the city has been hashing out an Energy and Climate Action Plan (ECAP) to identify and prioritize what it can do to lower its greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy use.

Alameda County gets new chief probation officer

by By Paul T. Rosynsky
Dec 14, 2010


David Muhammad knows what propels many of the city's youth to turn to crime. He's a self-admitted former "street thug" who sold drugs, witnessed violent crimes and once was arrested -- but never charged -- for attempted murder. He was named Tuesday as Alameda County's new chief probation officer.

Alyson Huber fights Preston youth prison closure

by Marisa Lagos
Dec 10, 2010


A plan to shut down one of the state's few remaining juvenile justice facilities to save tens of millions of dollars a year is running into opposition in Sacramento.

Oakland ID Cards

Nov 26, 2010


Oakland will soon start issuing ID card to people who cannot currently get them. Nwamaka Agbo, Campaign Director for Soul of the City, gives some insight into what it is like to not have any identification.

Alameda County to name new head of probation in December

by Sean Maher
Nov 11, 2010


With Alameda County officials just weeks away from naming a new chief probation officer, some community groups seeking effective alternatives for teens say the hiring process for such an important job has been woefully closed to the public.

Activists Wary On Choice For Alameda County Probation Chief

by Bob Melrose
Nov 10, 2010


As the Alameda County Board of Supervisors decides on a new chief probation officer, some in the community are hoping for transparency in the high-profile appointment.

Letters to Washington - Mehserle Sentencing

Nov 10, 2010


Our Executive Director, Jakada Imani, discusses the Mehserle sentencing and our call for the federal prosecution of Johannes Mehserle and his collegues.

Preston juvenile facility closure to hit hard for economy in Ione

by Loretta Kalb
Oct 27, 2010


The Preston announcement was lauded by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland. The facility has been likened to a dungeon, said Sumayyah Waheed, who directs the center's "Books not Bars" campaign aimed at transforming the juvenile justice system.


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