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What Are Your Rights When Confronted by Police?

Oct 22, 2010


Listen to Jennifer, Policy Advocate for our <a href="">Books Not Bars Campaign</a>, spell out your rights when confronted by the Police.

Juvenile justice goes local

by Rina Palta
Oct 22, 2010


Yesterday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced they're closing the Preston Youth Correctional Facility, the oldest operational juvenile detention center in California.

Youth Advocates Cheer State's Decision to Close Juvenile Facility

by Cy Musiker
Oct 22, 2010


California prison authorities will soon begin closing its oldest lockup for teenagers-the Preston Youth Correctional Facility in Ione. southeast of Sacramento.

Landmark Lode prison to ship inmates to Stockton

by Keith Reid
Oct 22, 2010


The 116-year-old Preston Youth Correctional Facility in Ione will be closed as a cost-cutting measure and the majority of its 224 inmates relocated to Stockton.

Recent high-profile assaults have raised concern about non-revocable parole status

by Scott Johnson
Oct 18, 2010


"NRP is a step in the right direction," said Kris Lev-Twombly, the director of programs at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland.

Wilmington residents march to refinery in Prop. 23 protest

by Donna Littlejohn
Oct 14, 2010


A rally urging residents to vote no on Proposition 23 drew a crowd of about 100 to a Wilmington park late Thursday afternoon, ending in a protest march to a nearby refinery.

Van Jones, Dolores Huerta speak against Prop. 23

by Josh Richman
Oct 12, 2010


Proposition 23, the ballot measure that would roll back California’s greenhouse gas emissions law, would kill jobs and prevent environmental improvements in communities of color, three noted human-rights activists said today.

Documentary critiques juvenile correctional system

by Whitney Pennington
Oct 08, 2010


The twenty-minute documentary, produced by the North Oakland-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, examines failures in the California juvenile justice system and explores alternative methods in juvenile rehabilitation being used across the country.

One Year Later: Oakland residents remain positive despite reduce police force, continued tension

by Jennifer Inez Ward
Sep 22, 2010


From where some young men stand, Oakland Police Chief Anthony Batts and his plans for change are a far-away non-reality.

The Curious Constituent: If you understand ranked-choice voting say "aye!"

by Mitzi Mock
Sep 21, 2010


The November election will be the first time Oakland uses ranked-choice voting-a system in which you rank your top three choices, and the winner is determined by an instant runoff.


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