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Legislation seeks to end isolation in juvenile facilities

San Diego CityBeat
by Kelly Davis
Feb 04, 2015


Last month, state Sen. Mark Leno introduced SB 124, legislation that would define solitary confinement in state and county juvenile-corrections facilities and establish standards for how it’s used.

Jennifer Kim, policy director at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, helped write the legislation and says that nailing down the definition of what constitutes solitary confinement was an important component of the bill.

Against Mugshots: Photos of the State's Latest Catch Don't Belong in a Free Press

by Charles Davis
Feb 04, 2015


"I believe that there is a way to strike a balance between public interest in information while really respecting folks' rights as individuals who have not yet been convicted of anything," said Zachary Norris, executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which seeks to reduce the threat of incarceration facing communities of color. 

County to Spend More Money on Jails, Not Services

East Bay Express
by Sam Levin
Jan 28, 2015


Alameda County continues to invest heavily in jail cells while failing to put public safety funds toward critical social services for the formerly incarcerated.

Campaign demands more funding for reentry programs

People's World
by Marilyn Bechtel
Jan 23, 2015


OAKLAND, Calif. - Supporters of the 50% for Jobs not Jails campaign rallied at the Alameda County Administration Building here Jan. 20 to urge the five members of the county Board of Supervisors to increase funding for community-based reentry programs and services for people coming out of incarceration.

Shut It Down: A Conversation on Ending Juvenile Prisons

The Chronicle of Social Change
by Melinda Clemmons
Jan 19, 2015


It is not ordinary to see people lined up around the block to hear a panel discussion on juvenile justice. But on the evening of Jan. 14 in downtown Oakland, California, nearly 200 people gathered for a conversation about, as moderator Lateefah Simon of the Rosenberg Foundation put it, “how we end the brutal systems we’ve created.”

Senator Mark Leno Proposes Limits on Solitary Confinement in Juvenile Facilities

East Bay Express
by Sam Levin
Jan 16, 2015


Senate Bill 124, from Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and co-sponsored by the Oakland-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, would establish specific, limited circumstances in which state and county juvenile correctional facilities would be permitted to place someone in solitary confinement.

Growing Movement in Oakland Calls for End to Mass Incarceration

Oakland Post
by Ashley Chambers
Nov 26, 2014


A daylong summit to discuss ways to work to end mass incarceration and implement restorative justice was held recently in Oakland.

Another workshop led by the Ella Baker Center talked about how youth and their parents can get involved in justice reinvestment. Through their “50 percent for Jobs Not Jails, Books Not Bars, Healthcare Not Handcuffs” campaign, they are seeking political action to reinvest money from the prison system to fund more programs and services in the community.

Oakland residents celebrate the indigenous roots of restorative justice

Oakland North
by Alicia Vargas and Jacqui Ipp
Nov 21, 2014


In commemoration of a week devoted to restorative justice, two nonprofits organized a Sunday celebration at the Lakeside Garden Center highlighting the indigenous roots of restorative justice, a term used to define the shift from a punitive justice system to one that addresses the needs of victims as well as offenders.

Maria Dominguez, a young organizer with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights who was there as an attendee, was happy that the theme for this event centered on indigenous knowledge. As she sees it, understanding that the concept comes from indigenous practices, could help anyone—whether they are the victim or offender—understand the interconnectedness of humanity. “As restorative justice becomes more prevalent in our communities we really can’t forget that this is rooted in indigenous practices,” said Dominguez.

Drummond: Time to fix California's whack crack laws

Oakland Tribune
by Tammerlin Drummond
Aug 13, 2014


Oakland's Ella Baker Center for Human Rights is one of the co-sponsors of the California Fair Sentencing Act, which the Legislative Analyst's Office says would save millions of dollars.

"It's really modest in terms of what it's trying to achieve," says Jennifer Kim, state policy and field director for the Ella Baker Center. "It just doesn't make any sense to treat a drug that has two different names differently just because of who is using it."

Alternative event to National Night Out shifts focus away from surveillance

San Francisco Bay Guardian
by Rebecca Bowe
Aug 05, 2014


National Night Out gatherings, which are sponsored by the National Association of Neighborhood Watch, are scheduled to take place nationwide. Block party attendees are encouraged to come out and meet their neighbors as a way of banding together against crime. Yet some have questioned the heavy emphasis this event places on suspicion and surveillance as tools for promoting neighborhood safety.

To offer a different perspective, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights has organized a community gathering Aug. 5 at the Lake Merritt amphitheater, billed as the Second Annual Night Out for Safety and Democracy.


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