About the Membership

Ella Baker Center members believe that every person has the right to dignity, safety, self-determination, and equality. They share a commitment to building the power and leadership of incarcerated people, formerly incarcerated people, victims and survivors of law enforcement abuse, and their families. 

Photo credit: Brooke Anderson

What Our Members Do:

  • Build grassroots power through community outreach
  • Organize in Alameda County for Jobs Not Jails
  • Fight to stop jail expansions across California
  • Advocate for policies that reduce incarceration and reinvest resources into our communities
  • Correspond with people in prison
  • Coordinate events to educate our community about criminal justice reform

We are piloting our membership in the Bay Area, but plan to expand across the state and country soon. Please sign up and join now, and we will be in touch with resources and events in your cities. 

Look out for videos of future trainings and workshops!

If you have not already paid your membership dues for this year, click here to do so: