First Lady Michelle Obama’s new campaign aims to get people drinking more water. But a close look at the campaign sponsors brings up some bigger questions.

Breaking Silence on Syria
The Ella Baker Center works to ensure dignity and opportunity in low-income communities of color by working to advance racial and economic justice. We work to promote alternatives to violence and incarceration inside the United States.  And we are committed to seeing these same principles carried out internationally.

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More leaders are taking on reform of mandatory minimums, but it’s still crucial that communities understand the impact of sentencing. Here’s why.

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Video: Fixing Juvenile Justice
Watch this excellent new PBS documentary about how innovators are helping kids in Baltimore are using restorative justice lessons learned from the Maori people of New Zealand. It's exciting to see the beginning of movement beyond just punishment. Hopefully someday soon these types restorative justice principles can be used throughout our justice system. Enjoy!   

Why communities in Oakland and nationwide are organizing for alternatives to Neighborhood Watch on Tuesday, August 6.

Hundreds marched at Corcoran State Prison to show support for prisoners’ ongoing hunger strike. How you can add you voice to the call on Gov. Brown.

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Raising the minimum wage won't kill the restaurant industry, or dramatically increase food prices. But it will give workers now earning $2.13 per hour a huge break.

When US workers can work 40+ hours a week but still struggle to meet basic needs, there’s a problem. What we can do about it.

Racism’s Not History Yet
The Supreme Court’s faulty logic in gutting the Voting Rights Act.

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One woman’s story shows that addressing homelessness is a community endeavor. How you can take part.