Voting and Civic Engagement

The Vote My Mom Didn’t Cast
Long lines and poll worker mistakes disenfranchished some Americans this election day.

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Owen shares his hopes and fears at the end of another long election season.

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Vote for Those Who Can't
Local teens who are not yet old enough to vote, tell you why you should on their behalf.

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An effort to prevent voter suppression through #VideotheVote

TAGS: #VideoTheVote
A comparison of Props 30 and 38 for the CA ballot.

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The Tipping Point
  Oakland Rising Field Team This November 6th, I feel a sense of urgency in organizing around the elections.

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Prop 34- Ending the Death Penalty
A look at Prop 34- an initiative to end the death penalty.

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Watch this new documentary on voter suppression for free.

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This guest post takes a deeper look at A1- a measure on the Alameda County ballot for the upcoming election.

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The Power of Voting
An American who can not vote urges those who can to go and vote.

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