Violence and Anti-Violence

Join us August 6 for a Night Out for Safety, Democracy & Human Rights, and build neighborhoods where people see and value – rather than watch – each other.

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The events at Monday’s Boston Marathon left me shocked and disoriented, and also brought up a fear sadly familiar to many Muslim Americans.

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Who’s a better choice to intervene when it comes to youth violence: a trained professional or a family friend? Our 2012 Heal the Streets Fellows put together this interactive video that invites you to explore how Oakland communities responded by experiencing their creative approach for yourself.

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While injuries and deaths caused by gunfire are ongoing, everyday problems in our city, February's First Friday shooting stands out as a slap in the face to the idea of Oakland as a destination—a narrative that is crucial to the forces of displacement. But town pride alone will not make our city safer.

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For My Little Brothers
On Blog for Human Rights Day, Zakiya looks at personal impacts of racial profiling and Stand your Ground laws.

Last week another tragedy struck in Florida due to the Stand Your Ground law.

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Looking for Matthew
A father mourns the murder of his 23 year old son through poetry.

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October 22nd marks the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation.

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More than 5 months ago I attended an incredibly sad event in Oakland that unfortunately has been common place in the city I call home. It was the funeral of a young black teenager slain on the streets of Oakland- Alan Blueford.

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Raining death from the sky
A new report indicates that drones are not as precise or as strategic as we are often told.

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