Social Change

Are we willing to do what it takes?
For those of us committed to achieving social justice and eradicating poverty, are we willing to give up some, or all, of our privileged lifestyles so that others in our communities around the world can experience a life free from poverty, with education and health care?

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Mujeras Unidas Y Activas
Why Mujeras Unidas Y Activas is one of our inspiring Ellas Awardees.

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We Have a Dream
We share our dreams on the anniversary of I Have a Dream.

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The Anne Braden program trains white social justice activists to deepen their political analysis and practice.

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Bollywood for a Purpose
This year’s BASS just passed on August 2nd-6th with a particular workshop on Islamophobia on August 4th, the day before the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings. It was tragically ironic, and also calming for the organizers and youth at the camp to share this experience together and not feel alone

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It Is about Race
How can we start to talk about race in our country, even when we'd rather not see the impacts of race?

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Happy Birthday Madiba
Nelson Mandela means all that to me. He was a dreamer, innovator, and fighter. Happy 94th Birthday Madiba!

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Ariel profiles two ways to Throw Down for the Town with People's Grocery on July 28th.

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A profile of Suzanne Ludlum, mother of Throw Down for the Town headliner Mystic, and her project for the Oakland Service Festival.

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We are thrilled to introduce Oakland Climate Action Coalition: A Toolkit to Create Climate Action in Your Community. This is a resource for community members, organizations, and policymakers to create a Climate Action Plan for your city.

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