Justice System

More leaders are taking on reform of mandatory minimums, but it’s still crucial that communities understand the impact of sentencing. Here’s why.

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US Attorney General Eric Holder announced key changes to the justice system yesterday. Now it’s time to apply some people power.

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Hundreds marched at Corcoran State Prison to show support for prisoners’ ongoing hunger strike. How you can add you voice to the call on Gov. Brown.

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Racism’s Not History Yet
The Supreme Court’s faulty logic in gutting the Voting Rights Act.

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Will Trayvon Martin’s death be the impetus we need to finally address the racist roots of our “justice” system and build something new?

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The State of California wants to ignore the human rights of people locked up in its prisons. How you can make sure they don’t get away with that.

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US prisons are not for rehabilitation or public safety, but for profit. More about the one place where slavery is still legal in the US.

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On July 8, inmates in California prisons will resume their hunger strike against inhumane use of solitary confinement. Here’s how you can stand with them.

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The “Transforming Grief/Moving Towards Justice: Preventing and Reducing Incarceration” conference, to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area on April 12 and 13, invites all who work with marginalized communities to explore the link between severe loss, unresolved grief, and incarceration.

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Can a murderer be redeemed? What happens to murderers who’ve served decades in prison? Award-winning journalist Nancy Mullane began asking these questions while visiting San Quentin State Prison on an assignment to report on the exploding costs of incarceration. The people she met in prison astonished her with their remorse, introspection, determination and hopes for freedom and forgiveness.

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