History and Celebrations

In spite of the Freedom Riders' courage, systemic racism is still with us today. So if we can’t eradicate racism and injustice in our lifetime, what is our work all about?

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Like many great civil rights leaders, Harvey Milk’s life was taken by gun violence. 35 years later, his words and courage continue to embolden many.

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On living the dream of justice
A blog adapted from a speech given by our National Campaigner, Rev. Rhina Ramos.

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Zakiya celebrates Blog for Human Rights Day by reflecting on her first experience of the Alcatraz Island Sunrise Ceremony on Thanksgiving.

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2012 Ellas
What a night!

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We Have a Dream
We share our dreams on the anniversary of I Have a Dream.

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We Remember Bayard Rustin
Today marks the anniversary of the death of Bayard Rustin.

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Independence Day
Our own way of commemorating the 4th of July.

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Happy Harvey Milk Day
Today marks California's annual observance of Harvey Milk Day. We share some of his most famous words about the importance of hope in the resiliency and survival of LGBTQ folks, folks of color, and others impacted by oppression.    

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A celebration of the legacy of Malcolm X on his birthday.

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