California’s public schools have to make tough budgetary decisions. Too often, they have to sacrifice books and supplies, or good teachers and programs. However, one thing public schools always have to pay is their high utility bills.

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This summer, GO Public Schools is doing a listening campaign to gather input from a diverse group of Oaklanders about public education in this city.

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One simple solution to prevent school closures that would save money and be good for the planet.

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Feeling apprehensive about applying for financial aid and don't know anyone who can help with an application process? Meaghan Mitchell breaks down some of the exciting things about

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If you missed the March 2 deadline to apply for a Cal Grant, it’s not too late to apply for other types of financial aid that can be used at community colleges for the 2012/2013 academic year.

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Dear California Students...
Photo by Glenn Backes. A protest sign from the March 5th day of action in Sacramento. Dear California Students: The Governor and State Legislature thank you for your support for one of the largest prison systems in the world.

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I'm Marching on March 5th
On January 27, 2012 I got off work and drove like a maniac to Laney College where I ran my out-of-shape self from the parking lot all the way to the B building room 247. I tumbled into that classroom completely out of breath with beads of salty liquids dripping and shamelessly proud. I would be the newest member of this beautiful class. I could already blissfully taste the enlightenment.

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Saying NO to School Closures
Lakeview students organizing against the closure of their school. Credit: Mariel Waloff, Oakland North.

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Untitled1.png Franco Arcebal, Filipino American Veteran

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