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Gala for the 99%
  “We’re bringing it to these board of directors, we’ll be at your social events, when you’re at your golf clubs, it’s not a nine-to-five issue for us, it won’t be for you.” It was a tale of two Galas at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park last night.

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A follow up interview with the Director/producer of the documentary Heist.

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We are excited to share the news of the release of Rebuild the Dream, the new book from Ella Baker Center co-founder Van Jones. We talked with Van about the book and his current work to restore the movement for hope and change.

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Over the last month and a half, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the Millionaires Tax Coalition tirelessly collected signatures to qualify the Millionaires Tax initiative for the November 2012 ballot. We and our partners supported this initiative because  it was the most progressive tax proposal that wouldn’t cost a single penny for anyone making less than $1 million per year.

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Responding to Silent Cries
Human sex trafficking and prostitution permeate the streets of millions of impoverished cities throughout the world. Stand with the survivors at an upcoming vigil.

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Edible Roof Top Garden Service Project
Earlier this month, we teamed up with Oakland Food Connection for a day of service at E.C. Reems Academy in East Oakland. Together we worked on an edible roof top garden that serves as a living classroom for students learning how to prepare simple, healthy meals from the food they grow onsite.

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A victory for Oakland!
Rose Morton, an Oakland ironworker, testifies in support of the good jobs plan at City Council

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Why the Millionaires Tax?
I have heard many people refer to the current times that we’re living in as a convergence of crisis.  I would like to re-think this moment in our country as a convergence of multiple opportunities.  This is an opportunity to reframe our economy as one that focuses on creating careers as opposed to jobs.  An opportunity to create an economy that cares for each person's well-being, and strives to mee

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Lessons in Moving the 99%:
Last weekend I attended SOUL’s “Lessons in Moving the 99%,” with over 80 people in downtown Oakland.

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