Economic Justice

Photo credit: Steve Rhodes via flickr On this past Black Friday, Walmart workers in San Leandro, California joined workers across the nation in demanding higher wages at the nation’s top employer.

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When US workers can work 40+ hours a week but still struggle to meet basic needs, there’s a problem. What we can do about it.

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A look at Gov. Brown’s State of the State address.

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Debt and the Rolling Jubilee
How debt impacts Americans and the Rolling Jubilee aims to help.

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The Dignity of Work
A look at how the human rights of workers in the United States need to be protected.

My Mother’s Work Deserves Dignity
On Blog for Human Rights Day, Mercy looks at the rights (or lack thereof) for domestic workers, like her mother Nell.

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An interview with the author of Don't Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense about the Economy

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An opportunity to attend an event bringing together companies and thinkers who are modernizing the age old idea of sharing.

From beginning to end, moving my money was way easier than I could've expected, and the satisfaction of having done it way greater than I imagined.

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Salima and Lucas report back from the 99% TakeOver of Wells Fargo and invite you to join them on May Day for more people-power in action.

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