Affordable housing is increasingly out of reach in California. Is this what Prop 13 was meant to accomplish?

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A look at Gov. Brown’s State of the State address.

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We are proud to be a supporter of the Chowchilla Freedom Rally this weekend.

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California's Prison Emergency
Why Governor Brown's refusal to de-crowd California's prisons is a bad move, financially and morally, for California

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A comparison of Props 30 and 38 for the CA ballot.

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The Tipping Point
  Oakland Rising Field Team This November 6th, I feel a sense of urgency in organizing around the elections.

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Prop 34- Ending the Death Penalty
A look at Prop 34- an initiative to end the death penalty.

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Prop 32- Looking Deeper
A deeper look at the money and politics behind Prop 32.

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Vote- Register Now!
October 22nd is the deadline to register to vote in California.

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Prop 35- A Deeper Look
Prop 35, is being pushed as a way to help people who have been trafficked, but it will actually make things far worse for victims and survivors.

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