What the May budget revise indicates about California's out-of-whack priorities.

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Talking about Taxes

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Dear California Students...
Photo by Glenn Backes. A protest sign from the March 5th day of action in Sacramento. Dear California Students: The Governor and State Legislature thank you for your support for one of the largest prison systems in the world.

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I'm Marching on March 5th
On January 27, 2012 I got off work and drove like a maniac to Laney College where I ran my out-of-shape self from the parking lot all the way to the B building room 247. I tumbled into that classroom completely out of breath with beads of salty liquids dripping and shamelessly proud. I would be the newest member of this beautiful class. I could already blissfully taste the enlightenment.

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Why the Millionaires Tax?
I have heard many people refer to the current times that we’re living in as a convergence of crisis.  I would like to re-think this moment in our country as a convergence of multiple opportunities.  This is an opportunity to reframe our economy as one that focuses on creating careers as opposed to jobs.  An opportunity to create an economy that cares for each person's well-being, and strives to mee

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Shut 'Em Down
Governor Brown has done it again. He has proposed in the state budget to close the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) once and for all. The DJJ drains much-needed funds from our schools and vital community programs that would help California thrive.

Let's Revive Oakland in 2012
2011 was a tough year for many of us as families struggled to make ends meet and violence plagued our streets.  In 2012, we have a real opportunity to bring jobs that allow us to stay in our homes, provide for our families, and build a healthy and peaceful Oakland. Can you join us this Tuesday to meet with City Council and make sure that this opportunity doesn't pass Oakland by?

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Trigger Happy?
How the trigger cuts in the California budget will impact youth prisons.

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  Credit: Connecting the Dots Productions, LLC

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