Joshua Bloom

Help our youth replace the video equipment they need to finish their anti-violence report.

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Join us for the Graduation-Celebration of our 2011-12 Heal the Streets fellows.

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Tele'jon and Dion are featured on a podcast discussing their work as youth anti-violence activists.

TAGS: Heal the Streets
Justice for Alan Blueford
Until May 6th, Alan Blueford was a Skyline High School senior preparing for graduation. Now his family is mourning his death at the hands of the Oakland Police Department. Read a statement about the incident from the Bluefords.   

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Why I Wear My Black Hoodie
This evening, I’ll finish up a workshop with our Heal the Streets fellows, clean up, and throw on my black hoodie to head out to Bradley Manning Plaza in San Francisco.

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This year’s Heal The Streets cohort continues to put solutions for violence in the hands of the young people in Oakland. Each year the fellows conduct a Participatory Action Research project.

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Use Your Money-State of the Arts
I’m a Bay Area native. I’ve lived and/ or worked in Frisco, Berkeley and Oakland pretty much my entire life. I’m also a hip-hop head-artist-rapper-fighter-preserver of culture with a super critical lens for all music coming from the Bay.

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