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In a compromise that places politics before progress, Governor Jerry Brown and the legislature have punted yet again. Rather than seizing a historic opportunity to safely reduce the prison population and save critical resources to restore programs that have faced devastating cuts in previous years, the state has chosen a strategy to increase prison beds and private prison contracts.

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On May 23, 2013, California took a crucial step towards ending solitary confinement in youth prisons when SB 61 passed the Senate Appropriations committee.

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A coalition of celebrities, advocates, and faith leaders are calling for an end to the failed War on Drugs. How viable are the policies they're promoting?

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Private prison corporations that receive over 40% of their revenue from federal contracts are currently exempt from the Freedom of Information Action and have lobbied hard to keep it that way. Join us now in demanding accountability for your tax dollars.

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A Very Bad Business
As I reflect on the past year, I think about the people who have helped me through some difficult times.  An unlikely person that comes to mind is my mom.  My relationship with my mother has been a tumultuous one—she feels like she’s helping, I think she’s trying to control my life—that sort of thing.  But it’s my mother that put me through law school.  She’s always been there for me—sometimes with unwelcome g

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Another story of the abusive impact of unjust immigration detention policies.

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How a Bill Becomes Law
As we head into National Juvenile Justice Awareness month, it’s wonderful to celebrate the many bills that Books Not Bars supported which were recently signed into law.

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A new report outlines the struggles of families impacted by the juvenile justice system.

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Learn about Father Gregory Boyle, one of this year's Ella's Awardees.

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The Story of Time Adds
Jennifer shares the story of how Books Not Bars helped end Time Adds in the DJJ.

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