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Bollywood for a Purpose
This year’s BASS just passed on August 2nd-6th with a particular workshop on Islamophobia on August 4th, the day before the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings. It was tragically ironic, and also calming for the organizers and youth at the camp to share this experience together and not feel alone

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Reclaiming Community Service
If someone asked me to be part of a community service project 2 years ago, I would have said “I don’t believe community service can lead to social change.” But that was before I joined Soul of the City as part of the Inaugural Throw Down for the Town: The Oakland Service Festival in 2011

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A few years later, my sister told me about a new organization called Bay Area Solidarity Summer. I read the organizations mission statement “Bay Area Solidarity Summer (BASS) is a collective run by diverse volunteers of South Asian descent

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The Eve Ensler Cycle
A new play gives South Asian woman the opportunity to share their stories.

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  The author (top right) striking with Ella Baker Center staff and volunteers.

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Crime after Crime
A new documentary follows Debbie, who in 1983 was charged with 1st degree murder and threatened with the death penalty for defending herself from her abusive husband.

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All great conversations seem to happen during happy hour after a long workday, and May 1st was one of those nights for me. My friends had just seen a play called “Piketlan Cantada” that was themed around worker’s rights in the Philippines and the US. They were very moved by it and, after a few beers, were charged with rage and inspiration to take action. My friend, Christian, had the most powerful epiphany I’ve ever watch someone have. He very casually said “the play made me want to just pick up my mom from LA and take her back to the Philippines so I can see where I was born.

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