Rhina Ramos

When US workers can work 40+ hours a week but still struggle to meet basic needs, there’s a problem. What we can do about it.

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Racism has been used throughout history to divide and conquer people, including the workers we honor on May 1st. Don’t buy into it. March with us in Oakland.

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The US has always been a nation of immigrants. Rev. Rhina Ramos on how a new majority of immigrants and allies is mobilizing to ensure respect for all.

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A Glass of Water Por Favor
Senador Rubio, tu respuesta al discurso del Presidente Obama fue en perfecto Español. Entonado con una amabilidad que invitaba a creerte. Pero tu lógica y análisis a la marginalización de tu gente sigue siendo limitado.  Senador Rubio, tu visión del mundo no es realista para los intereses de tu comunidad.

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On living the dream of justice
A blog adapted from a speech given by our National Campaigner, Rev. Rhina Ramos.

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Stop the Madness of Separating Families
Stand with a formerly undocumented immigrant to stop families being torn apart.

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Wetback. And Proud.
Rhina's experience of immigration to the US informs her commitment to standing with those susceptible to an unjust immigration detention policy.

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An interview with Professor Holly Cooper, an advocate for detained immigrants.

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The Power of Voting
An American who can not vote urges those who can to go and vote.

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Sorry Isn't Enough
Rhina's mom lives in Richmond where last night a fire at the Chevron refinery burned for more than 6 hours.

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