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On January 11, 2012, in an unprecedented action, a group of youth I've been working with at Ventura youth prison posted an online petition calling for the superintendent to fix decrepit and disgusting conditions, such as overflowing toilets, filthy showers, and floors stained with chemical agents sprayed at them.

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The Banality of Evil
On November 18, 2011, a campus police officer at UC Davis used pepper spray on a row of seated students peacefully protesting. A cell phone video of the incident went viral, made national headlines, and even inspired an internet meme. The most disturbing feature of the video, and a major reason for the uproar, was the casual attitude of the officer.

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Remember What's Really Important
Ella Baker Center Vigil 2006

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We’ve Been Framed
Criticizing the black bloc for vandalism is like shooting fish in a barrel - both are pointless. I’m sure they will show up again so I want to reflect on recent media coverage and share my thoughts about our role as members of the occupy movement.

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The Spirit of Prison Organizing Lives On
September 9-13, 1971 marks one of the most significant moments in American history and social struggle. Prisoners at the Attica Prison in New York state staged a rebellion, took over the prison and made a list of demands.

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Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Party
Tell me if you relate to this: You're only half-paying-attention to the Republican presidential contenders right now. You're not looking forward to the primary season - surely it'll be less exciting than the last.

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Happy Birthday Malcom X
Today would be the 86th birthday of Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, one of the greatest leaders and public intellectuals in American and world history. I’ve always been inspired and fascinated by Malcolm, especially his sharp intelligence and unwillingness to compromise basic principles of dignity and equality.

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