Nwamaka Agbo

Have you or a loved one experienced solitary confinement in CA youth prisons? Share your story to help keep it from happening to others.

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Kiante Campbell's tragic death at last month's First Friday Art Murmur brought home to every person in Oakland how violence affects us all. Find out how you can be a part of developing real solutions for addressing violence in Oakland.

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Are we willing to do what it takes?
For those of us committed to achieving social justice and eradicating poverty, are we willing to give up some, or all, of our privileged lifestyles so that others in our communities around the world can experience a life free from poverty, with education and health care?

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THIS is What Democracy Looks Like
A win! We prevented an RCV repeal from being brought to City Council without following city protocol.

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The attack on democracy is not just something taking all the way in Texas, Mississippi or Egypt, it is something taking place right in our own backyards, here in Oakland and in San Francisco as well.

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Revive Oakland's Victory
For nearly 3 years now, the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy has worked side-by-side with coalition members of ReviveOakland to ensure that redevelopment at the West Oakland Army Base would create actual community benefits for the city and its residents.

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Why the Millionaires Tax?
I have heard many people refer to the current times that we’re living in as a convergence of crisis.  I would like to re-think this moment in our country as a convergence of multiple opportunities.  This is an opportunity to reframe our economy as one that focuses on creating careers as opposed to jobs.  An opportunity to create an economy that cares for each person's well-being, and strives to mee

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Use Your Money- Oakollectiv
  Oakollectiv is one of our Use Your Money businesses. Nwamaka Agbo spoke with Rachel Konte about this unique local business. Learn more about the Use Your Money campaign.

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The People Can't Wait
The last 24 hours have been a nightmarish whirlwind in the city of Oakland, and I honestly don't think that it had to be this way.

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