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"When you’re happy, it shows."
On the eve of our Oakland Running Festival weekend, I wanted to share an interview with Team Caballero. Alicia Caballero-Christenson and her mother Monica Caballero are participating together with Team Ella Baker Center.

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Dancing with the Music of Life
With two weeks left before the run—yes, two weeks!!—I bring to you another of our amazing members of Team Ella Baker Center, Eric Fuller II. I found Eric’s perspective on fitness as being about playfulness and having fun quite refreshing, and a shift from what most mainstream sources tell us about why and how we should exercise. I’ll let him introduce himself here, and share with you his views on the ongoing importance of fitness and movement in his daily life.

Starting is the Hard Part
Shemika, far right, at an Ella Baker Center event

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“Health is a social justice option”
With fewer than 30 days until Team Ella Baker Center shines at the Oakland Running Festival, I bring you part four of my heath and fitness series on Ella’s Voice. Meet my awesome and kickass workout buddy Salima Hamirani.

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Team Ella Baker Center: Meet Omar
Over the next few installments of my weekly “active-ist”-focused blog posts, I will be sharing the stories of a few of our runners, allies, and community members regarding their relationship to fitness and health. Meet Omar Malik, who is running the 5K with Team Ella Baker Center. Omar is a Psy.D.

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The Mindfulness- Health Connection
When you talk about hope, you have to be a long-distance runner. – Dr. Cornel West

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  My relationship to exercise and fitness is complex, and deeply rooted into my identity. When I grow athletically, I grow spiritually, too. When I was very young, I was a ballerina. I tap danced. I was on the swim team. I played games with anyone of any age and gender, because I loved the freedom of being able to move my body in 

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