Meredith Fenton

We are proud to be a supporter of the Chowchilla Freedom Rally this weekend.

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Pepper Spray Victory
An update on the use of pepper spray in the DJJ.

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Thank You
Happy new year from the Ella Baker Center!

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Blog for Human Rights Day 2012
A wrap up from the first ever Blog for Human Rights Day.

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Lessons from Miss Baker
Celebrating the life and legacy of Miss Ella Jo Baker

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Blog for Human Rights Day- Today!
The compilation of all Blog for Human Rights Day posts.

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Last week another tragedy struck in Florida due to the Stand Your Ground law.

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Thank You
Thank you for being part of our community.

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Blogging for Human Rights Day
Get ready to blog on the first ever Blogging for Human Rights Day!

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Vote for Those Who Can't
Local teens who are not yet old enough to vote, tell you why you should on their behalf.

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