February 2013

Jana Luft is a half-marathon runner in training, a high school teacher, and one of our top three fundraisers for Team Ella Baker Center in the 2013 Oakland Running Festival. Find out how she does it.

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Private prison corporations that receive over 40% of their revenue from federal contracts are currently exempt from the Freedom of Information Action and have lobbied hard to keep it that way. Join us now in demanding accountability for your tax dollars.

Gumbo for a Good Cause in Oakland
Christina Mitchell of Oakland is using her cooking skills to fundraise for Team Ella Baker Center in this year's Oakland Running Festival. Here's how you can get in on the deliciousness.

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Are you a renter in California? Have you ever had your security deposit wrongfully withheld? If so, you are not alone. Security deposit theft is one of the most common grievances among California’s 15 million renters. In a recent survey, over 60% of Tenants Together members reported improper withholding of their deposit money.

Social Good the Easy Way
On March 24th, the Ella Baker Center is participating in the Oakland Running Festival for the fourth year in a row. In reflecting a bit on the process, I’ve become amazed by the way the Oakland Running Festival’s partnership with local nonprofits allows individuals and local businesses to magnify their ability to do social good with little extra effort.

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Hadiya Pendleton, who performed at Obama's Inauguration, was shot on Jan. 29 in Chicago.

A Glass of Water Por Favor
Senador Rubio, tu respuesta al discurso del Presidente Obama fue en perfecto Español. Entonado con una amabilidad que invitaba a creerte. Pero tu lógica y análisis a la marginalización de tu gente sigue siendo limitado.  Senador Rubio, tu visión del mundo no es realista para los intereses de tu comunidad.

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