December 2012

A Very Bad Business
As I reflect on the past year, I think about the people who have helped me through some difficult times.  An unlikely person that comes to mind is my mom.  My relationship with my mother has been a tumultuous one—she feels like she’s helping, I think she’s trying to control my life—that sort of thing.  But it’s my mother that put me through law school.  She’s always been there for me—sometimes with unwelcome g

Thank You
Happy new year from the Ella Baker Center!

Is Climate Apartheid Inevitable?
In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, a New Yorker looks at the reality of climate apartheid as the recovery continues.

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Lessons from Miss Baker
Celebrating the life and legacy of Miss Ella Jo Baker

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The Dignity of Work
A look at how the human rights of workers in the United States need to be protected.

Are we willing to do what it takes?
For those of us committed to achieving social justice and eradicating poverty, are we willing to give up some, or all, of our privileged lifestyles so that others in our communities around the world can experience a life free from poverty, with education and health care?

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My Mother’s Work Deserves Dignity
On Blog for Human Rights Day, Mercy looks at the rights (or lack thereof) for domestic workers, like her mother Nell.

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Stop the Madness of Separating Families
Stand with a formerly undocumented immigrant to stop families being torn apart.

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For My Little Brothers
On Blog for Human Rights Day, Zakiya looks at personal impacts of racial profiling and Stand your Ground laws.

In honor of Blog for Human Rights Day, Suzanne interviewed members of Banteay Srei.

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