August 2012

Ella's Voice Seeks Volunteers
Volunteer with the Ella's Voice Editorial Board.

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We Have a Dream
We share our dreams on the anniversary of I Have a Dream.

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We Remember Bayard Rustin
Today marks the anniversary of the death of Bayard Rustin.

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The Anne Braden program trains white social justice activists to deepen their political analysis and practice.

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When Alma Barillas last visited her son at Ventura youth prison, she didn't expect to be pepper sprayed by guards. But that's exactly what happened.

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Join the Forward Together Youth tomorrow August 16th at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center as they celebrate the conclusion of their summer program with dance, poetry, music, food and art!

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Bollywood for a Purpose
This year’s BASS just passed on August 2nd-6th with a particular workshop on Islamophobia on August 4th, the day before the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings. It was tragically ironic, and also calming for the organizers and youth at the camp to share this experience together and not feel alone

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Join us for the Graduation-Celebration of our 2011-12 Heal the Streets fellows.

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Learn about Father Gregory Boyle, one of this year's Ella's Awardees.

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An opportunity to attend an event bringing together companies and thinkers who are modernizing the age old idea of sharing.