June 2012

Building a Mosaic Movement
This blog is cross posted from our partners at Solar Mosaic. 

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With the Governor’s signing of the new budget, the controversial practice of time adds in our youth prisons will finally end bringing a sliver of justice and hope to California youth and families.

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New Asylums
Jails were not designed to house and care for individuals with mental health issues. However, because our communities are failing to provide adequate mental health services, many of them wind up in our broken criminal and juvenile corrections system.

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An analysis of the Supreme Court's decision on juvenile LWOP.

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One young DREAMer's Story
Karen is a 15 year old who will be personally impacted by President Obama's recent decision to help DREAMers.

I’m a Tar Heel born and bred. For the past 22 years. On June 24, 2012, my home state will dedicate a Historical Marker at Highway 158 and East End Avenue to Ella Baker in Littleton, North Carolina.

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Recently, a San Antonio newspaper began reporting on a scandal at Lackland Air Force base that is growing by the day. So far at least four Air Force instructors have been charged with sexual misconduct with at least 24 trainees.   

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Revive Oakland's Victory
For nearly 3 years now, the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy has worked side-by-side with coalition members of ReviveOakland to ensure that redevelopment at the West Oakland Army Base would create actual community benefits for the city and its residents.

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A deeper analysis of the relationship between climate change and local health outcomes.

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Reclaiming Community Service
If someone asked me to be part of a community service project 2 years ago, I would have said “I don’t believe community service can lead to social change.” But that was before I joined Soul of the City as part of the Inaugural Throw Down for the Town: The Oakland Service Festival in 2011

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